Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fiber Optic Femme

Of all the vices I grapple with (and believe me, they are numerous), jealousy is not typically one of them.

I mean, sure, I may momentarily lust after a great handbag, or even admire the well-shaped calf of a jogger; but for the most part, I'm pretty content with my aquisitions and physical appearance.
There is only one thing I desperately tiny attribute... that just being in the presence of someone who HAS them can turn me into a miserable envious, pouting, covetous wrech.

Long, beautiful, voluminous eye lashes!

Mine are nice, but they have an extreme bend to them so they can look almost short. But my best friend from college, my girl who lives in Sweden, my 4 year old god-daughter--even the MBTA officer at the station near my house--all have these FABULOUS long, full, "mufasa-manes" framing their eyes. And a part of me hates them for it. It's NOT FAIR. I want long lashes. I DESERVE long lashes.

The problem with lusting after a different set of eye lashes than you were born with is that, unlike lip plumping glosses or (God Forbid) acrylic nails, lash extension is tedious, expensive, and often short lived. And your only other real option is to develop a steady hand and become BFFs with a bottle of adhesive.

So just when I was ready to curse my DNA and resign myself to a lifetime of envying pre-schoolers, I stumble bleary-eyed into sephora looking for a solution. And by golly, I found one!

Make Up For Ever's Lash Fibers ($20) is a lash extending primer that actually works...and doesn't leave you looking like a C-list porn star after a long day at the office...(I'm talking to you Maybeline XXL mascara). The look is natural enough to work for daytime face, but still subtantial enough to keep you batting shamelessly well into the wee hours of socializing.

So as it turns out, I can stop giving the evil-face to people born with long lashes, and can now genuinely enjoy time with my best friend without a part of my want to pluck her lashes for my own selfish transplant needs!

It feels good to be almost envy-free! Now all we need to do is take care of this whole "vanity-thing"...wish me luck!