Monday, August 17, 2009


The act of pilgrimage is among the highest demonstrations of devotion. Mecca, Jerusalem, St. Peter's Square--there is something affirming and inspirational that comes with journeying to a sacred space where great teachers and innovators have walked.

For me, a 3rd generation OPI nail lacquer devotee, that place is Studio City, California...12246 Ventura Blvd. to be exact... home of the newly opened ROB|B OPI Concept Salon

The salon, a labor of love and brainchild of Robbie Schaeffer--son of OPIs CEO & founder George Schaeffer, is the unofficial holy land of the 28 year old company... and probably the greatest idea since "I'm Not Really A Waitress." The salon's self-stated objective is "to provide excellent services using OPI products exclusively, while providing a comfortable atmosphere that will enhance our client’s physical appearance and soothe their mind all within a 'green' environment." Ummm... okay that sounds awesome!

I step into the holy grail and I'm immediately excited. To my right is a nail bar for "mini manis" and a the months featured facial which involed larges glorious chucks of anti-oxidant rich chocolate. To my left was a ginormous selection of OPI nail color! After finding my long lost favorite color "Kinky in Helsinki," I proceed to get one of the best manicures I've gotten in a LONG time...possibly ever.

The prices at ROB|B are a little bit higher than the average strip-mall drop-in spots. The Essential Manicure is $30 and includes a hand/arm massage (a real one... not some lady smacking your forearms for 20 seconds). But this is not your average nail salon. I was impressed with the overall health of my nails when I left. From the Avojuice and Nail Envy to the Avoplex Cuticle Oil and the polish itself, my hands were much better when I left than when I came in. Not to mention first time visitors get the world's best "welcome gift" ( I'm not telling what in it, but its worth it)!

To top off my almost religious experience, Robbie was there in the salon that day, and maybe...just maybe I was happier to snap a pic with him than I was when I got a photo of me and Pooh Bear at disneyworld when I was 7.

My trip only deepened my love for the products that have kept me feeling all grown up ever since I raided my Nana's vanity way back in the day, and I vow that if I ever give birth to a lil' Maven the indoctrination shall continue!!!

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