Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bend it Like Brontë: the return of the Victorian boot

Fashion is always re-inventing itself by taking inspiration from other eras and depositing little bits of the past into our closets of today. I'm generally thrilled when antique and vintage style has a modern resurgence (though, if you ask me, people were a little too eager to pull their stirrups out of hiding), but I was super excited to see many Fall '08 footwear collections showing oodles of looks that hearken back to the late 1800's!

The Victorian age was complicated. Women were looking for new avenues to express themselves in a male-dominated world...as long as it didn't mean showing any ankle skin. Today, almost 90 years after women's suffrage, we've made progress: pay is getting better, choices are actually choices, hemlines are all over the place, and even our toes have cleavage! Even so, conservative tones and silhouettes have returned to runways and showrooms, and romantic footwear could be your fall accessory of choice.

Keep an eye out for these fantastic boots in a month or so, and you'll be feeling like a dramatic character from Wuthering Heights in no time!

Briana by Anyi Lu

Icarus by Taryn Rose

Jeana by Pour La Victoire

Feminine by Poetic Licence

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