Monday, July 7, 2008

MFT catalog #2: Evian Brumisateur

I hate to be the whiney type, but this whole summer heat thing is getting to me. The recent spikes in humidity have been pushing me and my handy wall-mounted barometer toward a breaking point.

My only saving grace as we creep closer to the half-way mark of this hot-and-sticky solstice, has been good old fashion H2O...and by "old fashioned," I mean imported from France and shoved into an aerosol can!

For years, the Evian Brumisateur has been the go-to beauty product for savvy women worldwide who like to beat the heat while nourishing their skin. As if general consensus and the illustrious name of "Evian" weren't reason enough to add this item to your shopping list, here are a few more:

  • The spray's ultra-fine mist allows the skin to absorb important minerals along with pure clean moisture.
  • To quote my 7th grade science teacher, "Evaporation is a cooling process." That's how the light mist instantly combats perspiration and refreshes, as the moisture soothes and rehydrates sun-exposed skin.
  • For multi-seasonal bennies, you can use the spray daily before applying your facial moisturizer to improve hydration by up to 14%, combat aging and help your skin look younger!

Added bonus: the Evian Brumisateur comes in 3 different sizes so you can chuck a travel-sized one in your purse, and keep your larger ones at home (...which is way more appropriate than forcing a 14 oz. can into your handbag like moi)!

So if you need me, I'll be napping in front of a fan trying not to sweat, hosing myself down with canned mineral water, and dreaming of autumn with all of its fabulous sweaters and boots! Only 83 days til the equinox!!!


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