Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Championship Style

Everyday is a great day to be a Boston Celtics fan. The tradition and legacy of the franchise is pretty much unrivaled in the history of professional basketball. So when times were bad, the true fans never lost sight of the goal (or their Celtic-pride tees)! But today, on the first full day of being the 2008 NBA World Champions, the world at large will be scrambling to get the hottest item on the market: Celtics championship logo merchandise!

I'm guessing the top seller for men's and women's apparel is going to be the 2008 champions locker room tees. These shirts are exact replicas of the ones given to the players during the the post-game festivities. The ash-grey color is sporty, and great for showing off in front of bitter Lakers fans at the gym! Or perhaps try recreating your own locker room scene: grab 14 friends, some championship tees, and a case of Möet, and have a blast! This shirt looks best when drenched in champagne!

My pick for MVP in the wardrobe game is the the women's trophy tee in black. I like this one best because it's celebratory in its own right with the yellow and gold detail, and calligraphy script. So its real team pride mixed with a slightly more feminine touch. This way, you can celebrate like one of the guys without necessarily looking like one of them!

I'd like to take this moment to share one very important tip. Please, whatever you do, do not buy the pink shirt. I repeat, do not buy the pink shirt! Garnett, Pierce, and Allen don't have them and neither should you. The pink logo shirt, in any sport, with any team, completely invalidates your support as a fan, and it sets women back 20 years. You may as well just get the word "poser" tattooed on your forehead. It's like saying, "Sport? What sport? I'm just here, trying to get a date, and I needed a shirt to match my bedazzled flip-flops!" If that's the case, then just wear some random tee from Abercombie, but do not do a professional sports team the discourtesy of having to match your accessories. Just because they sell the pink Celtics tee, does not mean you should buy it!

So get your shirts, and get out there to celebrate responsibly, legitimately, and with style! If you're a Lakers fan, it's not too late to jump ship and get a shirt of your own. It will help the grieving process... and Kobe won't even notice you're gone! Promise!

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