Friday, June 13, 2008

Tom Ford-adryl

I woke up at 4:30AM today to the sound of over-eager birds and the cool dampness of a tear-stained pillow. Now, that would have been a great chapter opener for a chic lit book, but tears are far less romantic when they're accompanied by redness, irritation and nasal congestion.

It seems that I'm developing a case of adult onset seasonal allergies, which totally stinks because now my eyes won't stop watering and I'm all puffy-faced...and everyone (except Renee Zellweger) knows that is not a good look!

So by 9AM, after failed doses of Claritin-D and Sudafed, I had to suck it up ("sniffle it up" may be more accurate) and leave my apartment to run some errands. But even though I felt like crap, I refused to look like it, which meant I had to cover as much of my face as possible!

So the love of my life, my Tom Ford Margeaux sunglasses from last season had to do what OTC medicines could not: make me better.

The style is great: oversized, but not overbearing, with actual nose pads on the bridge that make up for my little nose. The gradient shading was a huge bonus, because I didn't want to look like robocop, but I still needed the tint since the allergy was making me extra sensitive to sunlight. I fell in love with the Margeaux last year and I've been kicking myself ever since for not getting a back-up pair, but the Yvette style from the current collection (pictured above) is very similar and a worthy update. I'm sure someone owes me a present... oooh, maybe I can write it off as a medical expense!

I'm glad to report that thanks to my shades, I did not scare any young children with my zombie eye, and no one offered me their spare change while I waited for the train. I may never get used to this allergy thing like my friends who've had hay fever since they were in utero, but with the right sunglasses, hopefully no one will ever know.

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