Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Knots

It's true that many of the items we come to love in the fall have a way reincarnating themselves into spring/summer collections. The boot has the bootie, the parka has the raincoat, and leggings...well leggings are just going to be here forever. But recently, no piece has pulled off such seamless seasonal transitions like the scarf.

I don't know what it is about them--the drape of fabric, the twist of the knot--but nothing does for the d├ęcolletage what a scarf can do!

In winter, especially in colder climates, the scarf or wrap is just as much about style as it is about functionality, with heavy wool, or other knits spun securely about the neck, warding of the impending pneumonia that would love to settle in. But in the summer, the scarf is more carefree, tossed over a shoulder or loosely tied, so there's one more layer to ruffle in a summer breeze. It's a magical thing!

Use a scarf to add style elements to your outfit. Find a great ombre or floral to add pizzazz to a tee or solid dress. Add texture with an earthy crinkled linen or cotton wrap, or create drama by adding a super long scarf to any outfit.

If you haven't gotten a great summer scarf yet, leave your house now to get one... seriously, go now. And when you feel a slight breeze, or catch a chill while watching fireworks or building s'mores, you'll be well prepared (and of course, looking fabulous)!

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