Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the knowledge of style blog

Bienvenue, greetings, howdy, etc. to the blog pages of The blog and the site are in the very earliest of almost pre-nascent stages... I mean we are seriously new! is a site dedicated to all things fabulous--fashion, lifestyle, and what not--and to the savvy folks out there who know that behind every great product, there's a great person, a great story, new insight, or great new way to implement those must-have into their lives. And they demand to know!

If you've stumbled here on your own, then you, my friend, have a keen sense of where the spirit of chic resides! If you heard about this smart new project from a friend, they you should buy them dinner for keeping you in touch. And if you're here because I told you to come, thank you, and I can promise you shall not be disappointed.

Stay tuned for more... because more is on its way! =)


~The Maven

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