Monday, June 23, 2008

Take a few Milly-seconds

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's the value of a 30 second video? That's the question Nordstrom is hoping to answer with the addition of video to their online "Via C" boutique.

According to, the new "Designed to Inspire" videos are an experiment to test the impact of video content on consumer purchases. Each vignette features the designer discussing the style and inspiration behind different items, and giving tips on the perfect occasions or accessories for showcasing the pieces at their best.

The first 13 videos launched today (those of you on the Nordstrom email list will likely get an e-blast alert tomorrow morning!), featuring Milly designer, Michelle Smith. If all goes well, There will be new videos and a new featured designer in the fall.

I must say, Michelle Smith with be a hard act to follow. The designer comes across sweet, yet knowledgeable and totally in love with the collection she's created. The videos were shot in Milly's NYC showroom, and have the feeling of a personal showing, with Smith cast as the personal stylist, and the fall 2008 collection in the starring role. My favorite piece is the poppy print chiffon dress. I swear I got goosebumps!

I may be an easy sell, but the videos work for me! It's genius to be able to see individual looks on a model in motion, instead of the stylized still pix retail websites usually offer. The videos are wicked short, but they're definitely more functional than waiting for an entire runway show to load. Not to mention, I can select exactly what I want to see! It caters to every fashionista's dream of intimacy with the designer, as well as a customized viewing of the collection--all in the comfort of my own living room! Who needs netflix if Nordstrom can keep this up?!

The only drawbacks: for this round of videos, all of the featured items are only available for pre-order (ewww for the patience-factor!), and currently, none of the videos are shareable or embeddable. It's like they don't even care that I have a facebook page! But, I'll give them a pass this time, since they are new to this whole thing.

All in all, I think its an effective and entertaining tool for their website--because I'm getting ready to spend $435 to get that chiffon dress now!

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