Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Glossary with New Terms

I think it's safe to say there are two lessons in life that a girl has to learn through personal experience. The first: no matter what the circumstances, it's never a good a idea to wear fuchsia panties with white pants. The second: you always need to add a little bit of gloss over your favorite lipstick to give it the extra "umph" and finish off a superb makeup application.

But for some folks, these life lessons are the road to a great inventions...and while the pink undies/white pants conundrum baffles us to this day, the two-step lipstick process may have seen its last mirror, thanks to makeup savant Jody Cohen and her fabulous new product, Cosmoholic.

Cosmoholic is a specially formulated "liquid lipstick" that gives the rich coverage and pigmentation of traditional lipsticks, but is applied and has a high-shine finish like a gloss. (Why don't I ever think of these things!)

The tubes retail for $20, and come in 7 hues like promiscuous pink, mysterious mocha, and gold digger (I personally bought passionate peach and bossy berry)! If you aren't sure which colors will work best with your complexion, you can email a picture of yourself to the Cosmoholic team and they'll do an e-consultation to help you out! Now that's what I call service!

Ingenuity, price, and novelty aside, I love the way the product feels. It's not sticky or tacky on the lips, and lasts surprisingly well. The first night I tried it, I only re-applied once, and that was more out of desire to impress an ex-fling that showed up at the event than out of actual need. (I'm vain, so sue me!)

Cosmoholic glosses are available online and in select boutiques, and this is not a product you want to hold out on. It's getting a lot of attention and flying off of shelves. The gloss is being featured in upcoming issues of OK! Magazine and STAR, and completely sold out at a recent Henri Bendel trunk show in NYC.

Pretty soon, we could all be hooked on this stuff!...but what a luscious addiction to have!

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