Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New School Rocks

For daily wear, I tend to feel like diamonds are over the top. Even when shopping for fine things, the idea of getting all gussied up in fine jewelry seems a bit pretentious. It's just not my style.

Or at least it wasn't, until I checked out Ivanka Trump's jewelry collection.

Ivanka's partnership with Dynamic Diamond Corp has produced signature items deserving of all the expected diamond adjectives: elegant, sophisticated, opulent. But, the collections left me with a singular resonating, and unexpected word: appropriate.

There's an almost uncanny balance in the designs that makes them simultaneously awe-inspiring and approachable. So often, fine jewelry can leave a person thinking, "That's beautiful! But where the heck would I wear it!" But the updated and still regal looks of Ivanka Trump's jewelry seem to fit a modern code of luxury that kept me browsing through the collections thinking "Oh, this would be perfect with my _________ (insert current wardrobe item here)!"

My favorites? The onyx bead on pavé wire earrings from the black and white collection and the graduated pavé diamond bead necklace from the signature collection.

Modern luxury will, of course, cost you. The least expensive item is a silver and enamel ring priced at $650, and the most expensive listed price is $58,000. After that, the online boutique provides you with a toll free number to call for orders and inquiries. Read--"If you call, you'd better have a black card."

Trust fund or no trust fund, the jewelry is a definite must-see, and a must-have if your bank account, credit card, Daddy, or Sugar-daddy can swing it!

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